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Speculation and some rumors that defy logic…

Two predominant theories emerged after the disappearance of Earhart and Noonan.

  1. Elgen Long “Crash and Sink” Theory27 - Many researchers, including Elgen Long and his late wife, Marie K. Long, believe Earhart and Noonan crashed and sank in the Pacific after the Electra ran out of fuel.
  2. Gardner Island Hypothesis28 - Following the line of position noted in the last transmission, Earhart and Noonan may have landed on the uninhabited Gardner Island (now Nikumaroro) in the Phoenix Island Group.
Gardner Island

Gardner Island

Due to Earhart’s fame and her mysterious disappearance, many myths, urban legends and unsupported claims29 have arisen to account for the loss of Amelia, but have been dismissed for lack of evidence. From rumors that Earhart was spying for Franklin D. Roosevelt, to speculation she was Tokyo Rose to stories she remarried and assumed a new identity, such theories remain largely unsubstantiated.

As noted by researchers Goldstein and Dillon, “Considerations of logic and feasibility rarely, if ever, have any effect upon those whom a conspiracy bug has bitten.”30