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Search Grid

The proposed search grid and the bathymetric characteristics of the area…

Search Grid Orientation
The sunrise azimuth at Howland Island of 067 produced the perpendicular Line of Position of 337-157 degrees. Since the sun azimuth is in true degrees, the 337-157 degree Line of Position (LOP) should also be in true degrees. However, in practice, AE may have flown along the LOP on a magetic heading of 337-157 degrees. Our final search grid is oriented to a 337-157 degrees magnetic LOP, reflecting what AE likely flew. The difference in search grid coverage between orienting the grids using true or magnetic degrees, is not significant.

Final Search Grid

Standard Grid
This is the final search grid. Terminal area maneuvering, as well as wind effects on the flight’s EON point are contained in these search grids.

Standard Grid p68.jpg

Final Search Grid

Bathymetric Grid

Bathymetric Grid P69.jpg

This NOAA image includes the bathymetric characteristics of the search area.

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