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Thank you for your interest in the Search for Amelia Web site. We welcome your comments and invite you to send them along to us by completing the form below.

The Waitt Institute’s search for Amelia Earhart’s plane has concluded and unfortunately, we did not find the aircraft. However, with the hope that future searchers may be able to build upon the work we’ve done, we’ve elected to publish our research and results—including all sonar data from the mission—on this site. We take full responsibility for our work, including any and all calculations or assumptions, whether accurate or otherwise. We are confident Earhart’s plane is not in area of seafloor we surveyed.

All appropriate comments submitted here will be posted on our ‘What We’ve Heard’ page unless you request otherwise in writing. Our goal is to generate positive dialogue and fresh ideas about where Amelia’s plane may still be found. If our research helps you with this purpose, we are grateful. In any case, please view this page as a platform where you can share your own theories and suggestions about what you think happened to the ill-fated World Flight.

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