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Research Reviews

What our research reviewed

This research methodology included an integrated study and analysis of the following publications.

Amelia Earhart, Dick Strippel, Exposition Press, Inc., 1972

Amelia Earhart, The Mystery Solved, Elgen M. and Marie K. Long, Simon and Schuster, 1999

Analysis of Amelia Earhart’s Final Flight July 2, 1937, G. Swenson and F.E.C. Culick, JPL, CIT

Cruise Report 24 July, 1937 CDR Warner Thompson, Commanding Officer, Itasca (Gillespie disk)

Earhart’s Flight Into Yesterday, Captain Laurance Safford (USN-R) with Cameron Warren and Robert Payne, Paladwr Press, 2003

Finding Amelia, Ric Gillespie, Naval Institute Press, 2006

Itasca Radio Logs

Kelley Johnson Telegrams - Electra test flight data and World Flight performance recommendations

Last Flight, Amelia Earhart, Quinn & Boden Company, 1937

Lockheed Report 487 - June 1936 by Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson and W.C. Nelson

Missing, Believed Killed, Roy Conyers Nesbit, Sutton Publishing LTD (UK), 2002

No Limits, Linda Finch with Donald Smith, World Flight, Inc., 1996

Radio Press News - USS Colorado

The Black Report - Richard Black, U.S. Department of Interior

The Chater Report - Eric Chater, Guinea Airways Limited

The Cooper Report - Daniel Cooper, Army Corps on Itasca

The Dowell Report - Commander, Lexington Group

The Friedell Report - Captain Friedell, USS Colorado

Weather Reports from accounts by Collopy, Chater, Itasca logs and historical meteorological data

World Flight, Ann Pellegreno, Iowa State University Press, 1971