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Re-Imaging Results…



Target 3 (Contact 42): 75m range - 410kHz frequency

Target42_75m_410khz-2 Mag.jpg

Target 3 (Contact 42): 75m range - 410kHz frequency (magnified)


Target 3 (Contact 43): 75m range - 410kHz frequency


Contact 43/Target 3: 75m range - 410kHz frequency (magnified)



Target 3 (Contact 42) Chain or Metal Pipe 5,283 meters deep


Target 3 (Contact 42) Chain or Metal Pipe 5,283 meters deep


Both targets were re-imaged on sonar and a photo image was captured of contact #42, unfortunately contact #43 was in a gap in the photos shot and could not be positively identified through that media. With the imagery collected with the high frequency sonar #43 appears to be a pipe sticking out of the seafloor. Both of these targets are most likely from a passing ship throwing unwanted scrap over the side. Target #42 appears to be some sort of metal chain or linkage. It is consistent with the sonar record. The sonar imagery for #42 was recorded while the vehicle was turning. This made the image appear curvy and longer than it actually was.

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