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Re-Imaging Results…



Contact 122/Target 5: 75m range - 410kHz


Contact 122/Target 5: 75m range - 140kHz frequency (magnified)



Target 5 - Pipe 5,251 meters deep


Target 5 - Pipe 5,251 meters deep

The target turned out to be a pipe approximately 30 feet long and 12 inches in diameter sticking virtually straight up from the seafloor with a bend half way up. The image rang out incredibly well at range and was smaller than it initially appeared in the sonar record. This was, again, caused by the beam spreading and the contact was at the outer edge of the range. The roundness of the pipe also made it a very hard reflector and adjacent along track pings made it appear stretched or elongated. This tells us that even at the far ranges the sonar is putting a lot of energy in the water. Given the size of the Electra the sonar team believe we can safely say that it would have created a strong and noticeable return on the sonar record. The plane was not in the area we searched.

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