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Experience the thrills and defeats of an authentic deep sea adventure as you immerse yourself in the CATALYST 2 Mission Log. More>>

Waitt Institute

The Waitt Institute is a non-profit research organization that serves as an exploration catalyst, enabling scientific pioneers to transform the ways in which discoveries are made. More »


Waitt Institute for Discovery

The Waitt Institute’s CATALYST program makes available to the scientific community their two REMUS 6000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The CATALYST AUVs can dive as deep as 3.5 miles under the ocean surface and map the seafloor with sonar. The AUVs navigate by themselves and rove completely free of human interaction once sent on their missions. This innovative and efficient new technology can be used for numerous explorations and mapping purposes, including marine conservation, ocean health studies, geological charting and archaeological investigation.